Affiliate Program

No Joining Fees. No Monthly Fees. No Quotas.

We Believe that with heart and passion anyone can be an entrepreneur. We want to grow our brand while helping other entrepreneurs grow as well - thus the launch of our affiliate program.  Our goal is to help you grow your business in return for you helping us grow ours. It is as simple as that. We provide you with everything you need in order to be a successful affiliate including a Free Affiliate account & a free back-end website.

Earn Commissions

Dfinitive Design Graphic Services' Affiliate Program makes it easy to earn as little or as much money as you'd like. Earn commissions for referring customers to our website via a custom link provided to you at sign up. 

Dfinitive Design Graphic Services' Affiliate Program pays out accumulated earnings weekly via PayPal Transfer. Your earnings will be held, but not taken away, until the total is equal to or greater than $25. 

The Commission Structure (shown below) resets on the first of every month. In addition to earning commissions on direct referrals, you will also earn 5% of every Personally Referred Affiliate's sales.
Second level referred Affiliates must sign up using the
referrer's "Teir Two Link" found on the info page of their dashboard.




Affiliate $0 - 499.99 /month 10% personal sales
Bronze Affiliate 
$500 - 999.99 /month
12% personal sales
Silver Affiliate 
$1000 - 1499.99 /month
13% personal sales
Gold Affiliate 
$1500 - 2499.99 /month
14% personal sales
Platinum Affiliate 
$2500 - 4999.99 /month
15% personal sales
Double Platinum Affiliate 
$5000+ /month
20% personal sales

Start Your Journey With Us Today

If you are being referred to us by an existing affiliate please be sure to ask them for their "tier two link" to register!


Because the affiliate software and backend website is not free, if a user is inactive for 3 or more months, the affiliate account will be deleted.